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Karen Mullings, C.E.M.B.A., is a communications professional with more than a quarter-century of wide-ranging combined experience in public relations, marketing and magazine publishing.

Mrs. Mullings is the Public Relations Officer of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) where she leads communications with external and internal stakeholders about the vital work of the organization. She is also the inaugural Public Relations Officer of Women in Maritime Association, Caribbean (WiMAC).

Mrs. Mullings holds a Commonwealth Executive MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University College of the Caribbean. She is also a proud alumna of Hampton School in the cool hills of Malvern, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. 

Highlights of Mrs. Mullings’ work history include her time at the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), where her work included playing a key role in the planning and execution of the JSE’s Third Regional Conference, titled “Partnering for Change, Embracing Competition for Regional Advancement in a Global Environment,” as well as the organization’s Annual Best Practices Awards Gala Banquet, Listing Ceremonies for companies being listed on the stock exchange, workshops and other activities. She has worked extensively in the area of desktop publishing, in the areas of design and layout of books, magazines and a range of business publications. She also excelled in the business aspects of communications, including managing client accounts, supervising and training staff, and managing procurement.


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